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Welcome to The Renew Hamilton Project.

Our mission is to document, promote and accelerate the regeneration of Hamilton’s built and natural environments.

We look to the future and see Hamilton as Canada’s top midsize city – a livable community, a leading destination for talent and investment. And we see a place that generations to come will be proud to call home.

How will this vision unfold?  In large measure, through renewing our bountiful, restorable assets:

  • Historic buildings
  • Heritage neighborhoods
  • Existing infrastructure
  • Public spaces, and
  • Natural landscapes

These are what give Hamilton its unique identity – its soul.

There’s a growing, pent up market demand for what Hamilton has to offer.  Investors are responding with urban developments that capture the imagination and draw more people to our downtown and adjacent neighborhoods.  And it’s concentrations of people – including young professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators – that will ensure renewal remains part of who we are and what we do.

The Renew Hamilton Project will follow signature developments over time – particularly physical changes in lower city Hamilton.

We’ll create video case studies that showcase renewal in action. We’ll develop and deliver an education program based on what we discover.  And we’ll learn and grow together through a speakers series devoted to renewal.

The way forward will be difficult – renewal is hard work. Yet we can draw inspiration from the success of other cities.  And we can look at our own progress and say: “We’re on the right track … renewal is a good investment … momentum matters … let’s keep going!”